I'm a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based in Greenville, SC.
Established in 2010, I have photographed families in the upstate including Fountain Inn, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Greenville, Taylors/Greer, and Travelers Rest.

I am also a mother of three young children. Let's be honest, motherhood is not easy. It is so often hard to find
purpose and joy in the mundane. Yet, it is in the mundane events of life
where true joy can be found. Whether changing diapers, washing a sink
full of dishes, picking up toys, or kissing a boo boo, there is much beauty to
be discovered at this time of mothering young children and growing as a family.
Sleepless nights, wiping little sticky hands, and scrubbing markers off
the walls (again) can be exhausting. Learning to show love, joy,
gentleness, and kindness in these early years of motherhood requires a lot of
self sacrifice (and some dark chocolate and hot tea!). However, when your
little one looks at you and smiles, when their eyes light up with excitement,
or when they curl into your lap for one more cuddle, the love you have for your
child grows. I know one day soon my oldest son will no longer want to
give me a "hug, kiss, nuzzle, cuddle" at bedtime. My middle son
will no longer let me hold him in my arms and sing "You are My Sunshine"
as I gaze down at his long gorgeous eyelashes (I am a bit jealous of those
long, dark eyelashes). My baby girl will not always giggle with delight
when she sees me or my husband walk in the door or stop crying when we sing
"The Wheels on the Bus" (on repeat during a long car ride).
These days seem long but the moments are fleeting. As a mom, I
understand the importance of capturing their personalities and the little
details that we love (the curls, the tiny toes, the leg rolls, the belly
laughs). I also understand moms' desires to capture the new
relationships, the love between the two who created these little bundles of
joy, and the growing relationships between siblings. I look forward to
capturing your family (even when your spouse hates pictures, when you feel embarrassed you brought
skittles to bribe your toddler, or you feel like a hot mess from running around
to get everyone dressed, finding a misplaced shoe, or blow drying clothes from
spit up (because you spent hours picking out coordinating outfits and you are not
changing now). I see you mama, and I look forward to capturing your
family, finding the joys in the mundane, and the beauty in the chaos.
Don't be surprised if you hear me singing "Wheels on the Bus"
to see your little one clap and smile as well!

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